Episode 1: The Big Picture


Episode 1

The Big Picture

Your show hosts, Lauren and Kelley, get down to brass tacks in Episode 1. Want to know more about the basics of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)? Lauren and Kelley cover a lot of ground as they discuss obsessions, compulsions, the obsessive-compulsive cycle, how feelings operate, thought suppression, the neurological underpinnings of OCD and exposure and response prevention. They answer your questions and they go off the rails from time to time. Get to know Kelley and Lauren and their personal and professional take on OCD.

Rails? Did someone say rails? There’s an explanation where that came from:

Kelley: I’m off the rails, Toodle!

Lauren: Side note, [Kelley] found an amazing children’s book that’s just about how you should conform to what everyone else – it’s awful.

Kelley: Written during the Cold War I’m pretty sure… Toodle is this train… and it said “Toodle loved riding off the rails into the tulips and found so much joy in this, but that’s bad don’t do that! Toodle needs to stay on the rails.” And at the end of the story, Toodle’s little heart and soul was crushed – it didn’t say that, I know what happened to Toodle okay. So Toodle, Boodle – Toodle is currently on the rails perhaps, and he’s teaching other… trains… to stay on the rails. Don’t follow your heart, never.

Lauren: So what we’re saying is we’re going to stay off the rails in honor of Toodle.

Keep in mind that recovering from OCD isn’t just about getting your life back from compulsions:

It’s a super power…The average person doesn’t really get an opportunity… to really embrace uncertainty – that we have no control over anything. Zero control.

– Kelley Franke, LMFT

Lauren and Kelley talk about an article Lauren wrote with her former Supervisor, Tom Corboy, LMFT, about the fear that you’re in denial and don’t really have OCD.

Check it out: Doubt, Denial and OCD


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