Episode 10: Moral Scrupulosity


Episode 10

Moral Scrupulosity

In this episode, Kelley and Lauren discuss Moral Scrupulosity OCD. They cover common obsessions, compulsions and exposures in this subtype. They answer your questions at the end as always. Lauren shares a tale – “Maybe, Maybe not” – and Kelley sinks a battleship. Please forgive the abrupt ending. Sometimes Instagram just doesn’t give a proper count down.

Kelley and Lauren discuss the cross over between hyper-responsibility and Moral Scrupulosity OCD, but not before some stranger at Kelley’s door rudely interrupts them several times. Fun fact: Kelley has a highly overactive startle response, to most things, including doorbells. Lauren coaches Kelley through this moment by offering the possibility it could be Mr. Rogers or Mike Myers – uncertainty for the win!

Once Kelley calms down, Lauren goes into the caveats to treatment of this particular subtype:

This is where treatment and values can also get hit with OCD… “Well I have these values I am trying to live by, but am I living closely enough to my values at any given moment?” This would be an obsession.

Lauren Rosen, LMFT

Compulsions in Real Event OCD can include:

  • clarifying
  • seeking reassurance that a point is clear

We learn how much Kelley and Lauren love a good clarification. Lauren tries to downplay how often the need for clarification comes up between their friendship, Kelley readily outs the duo for the clarification done during episodes. They both come to the agreement everyone is going to give into compulsions from time to time.

Lauren rounds out the episode with a beautiful tale of an old man and his horse, capturing the essence of “good” or “bad” as subjective. You can read a version of the story here. Thus good and bad are illusions and object to a great many contingencies. People with Moral Scrupulosity type OCD often fall victim to the all or none, “good or bad” paradigm.


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