Episode 2: Harm OCD


Episode 2

Harm OCD

In this second Episode of Purely OCD, Lauren and Kelley talk about Harm OCD. They discuss common obsessions, compulsions and what exposure and response prevention can look like in this subtype.

This subtype can include:

  • Harming others
  • Harming self
  • Harm by proxy (e.g. through contamination)
  • Emotional Harm – we’ve got an episode on this!
  • Being harmed

This episode focuses, specifically, on fear related to harming others.Lauren talks about recovery from the different subtypes of OCD:

Lauren: Yes the content helps inform certain things of how we approach, but by and large they’re really just the same thing.

Kelley: They are, yeah, it’s uncertainty

LaurenIf it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it’s probably OCD.

Lauren talks more about all the overlap between the subtypes, talking about the idea that they’re like concentric circles. She will use this term throughout future episodes in spite of the fact that she really means that the subtypes form Venn diagrams with significant areas of overlap.

They all bleed into one another.

Kelley Franke, LMFT

Exposures for this subtype might include:

  • Posting triggering words around your home
    • Like “Snap” (because of the fear that you might “Just snap”)
  •  Phrases
  • Imaginal Exposures

Some people experience both Harm OCD and Mental Health Obsessions.

Sometimes people with OCD experience mental health obsessions and harm obsessions that inform each other.

Lauren and Kelley talk about being triggered and how to navigate intrusive thoughts by:

  • Noticing thoughts
  • Making the choice to disengage from compulsions
  • Acknowledging uncertainty – “Maybe…”
  • Opening up to uncertainty and the feelings of anxiety


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