Episode 3: Emotional Harm OCD


Episode 3

Emotional Harm OCD

In this episode, Kelley and Lauren, discuss the fear of causing emotional harm to others. This a form of Harm OCD. They chat about their own experience with this theme, like Kelley’s what ifs about emotionally harming her daughter and both of their fears of emotionally harming each other.

Information established in this episode:

  • Not all reassurance is compulsive. 
  • Lauren and Kelley are the advocate versions of Salt-N-Pepa.
  • Guilt and Anxiety are the Bonnie & Clyde of emotions with OCD. 
  • Maude, Kelley’s cat, is the emotional support animal of the show

Lauren and Kelley go down a rabbit hole on Attachment Theory and how it might serve as a trigger for the fear of emotionally harming your child. You can learn more about Attachment Theory here.

Recalling a talk at the 2020 Online IOCDF Conference, Kelley and Lauren discuss the Yin and Yang of Self-Compassion. There’s fierce Yang and gentle Yin. Both have their place in supporting us in life and in recovery from OCD. Kimberley Quinlan, LMFT, spoke about the Yin in the IOCDF talk, encouraging people to bring the energy you might use when cradling a baby chick to their relationship with themselves.

Kelley and Lauren discuss a fundraiser for Riley’s Wish Foundation with shirts, mugs and totes designed by The OCD Stories x Draw your Monster collab. The design is based around the ACT metaphor “Monsters on the bus.” Learn more about this metaphor on p. 29 of this document.


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