Episode 6: Relationship OCD


Episode 6

Relationship OCD

In this episode, your show hosts Kelley and Lauren discuss Relationship OCD (ROCD) and the manifestations in obsessions and compulsions. They also talk about what Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) might look like for those struggling with this theme. As always, they answer your questions.

Fun fact: This episode was recorded a number of times due to technical issues. It was also coming off the heels of the IOCDF conference in 2020, where Kelley and Lauren presented on Relationship OCD. Needless to say, Lauren and Kelley just about done with with ROCD. 

In this episode, Lauren and Kelley talk about Dr. Guy Doron and Dr. Jonathon Grayson’s definitions of Relationship OCD.

Lauren and Kelley establish that engaging in emotional checking can lead to a variety of outcomes, such as distorting your feelings toward your partner or leading you to question your identity. Lauren describes this best by explaining, “staring at emotions, forget it! You are picking apart something that just turns into a mess.” Moral of the story? Emotional checking is a sure fire way to make things muddier in relationship themed OCD- avoid this at all costs!

 Lauren and Kelley share their mutual loathing of Siri as she rudely interrupts multiple times throughout the episode. Various methods of taking her out include, but are not limited to: wrestling, boxing or throat punching.  Choose your own adventure!

We find out Kelley’s deep anger towards Disney and the princess narrative of, “happily ever after,” that we were all fed as young children growing up. Lauren discusses equal disgust with Teen Vogue and Cosmo magazine relationship quizzes. 

Establishing deal breakers and normalizing what a relationship looks like through the lens of Dan Savage.  


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