Episode 7: Sexual Orientation OCD


Episode 7

Sexual Orientation OCD

In this episode, Lauren and Kelley discuss In this episode, Sexual Orientation OCD (formally known as Homosexual OCD) and the various manifestations in obsessions and compulsions. They also use concrete examples about what Exposure and Response Prevention might look like for those struggling with this theme. 

Kelley and Lauren lay out some common “what-if’s” found in this subtype and the common cross-over of this sub-type and Relationship OCD

They take a deep dive into one of the most notorious compulsions associated with Sexual Orientation OCD: GROINAL CHECKING!

Kelley: Good old groins!

Lauren: Oh it twitched! It moved! There’s blood flow! What does that mean? Who knows. We don’t need to figure that out OCD, but thanks for offering- would be my response if OCD asked me that question.

Lauren and Kelley explain the certainty clients want about how they identify sexually:  heterosexual, homosexual and everything in between, the two explain sexuality on a continuum, which can be very upsetting for those hoping to fit their’s in a box.

Spoiler alert: No one fits in a box. The boxes are a lie.


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