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Lauren McMeikan Rosen, LMFT, and Kelley Franke, LMFT, are OCD Specialists living with OCD. They also happen to be best friends. You can join Kelley and Lauren during their weekly discussions to learn about the nuances of OCD treatment from their perspectives as Therapists. When you tune in, you’ll also hear about their lived experience navigating obsessions and compulsions individually and as supports to one another.

Live participation is welcomed weekly on Instagram Live, as Kelley and Lauren cover all things OCD, one subtype at a time. Join them as they bring a little humor and a lot of heart to the realm of recovery. Please keep in mind that this is not therapy nor is it intended as a replacement for therapy. This is for educational purposes only.


Episode 13: Pedophilia OCD

In this episode, Kelley and Lauren discuss common obsessions, compulsions, exposures in the treatment of POCD and answer your questions. We also discuss the impact of shame with those who suffer with POCD. Lastly, we touch on disclosure to loved ones.

On this Episode of Purely OCD, Lauren Rosen, LMFT, and Kelley Franke, LMFT, talk about Postpartum OCD.

Episode 12: Postpartum OCD

This week Kelley Franke, LMFT and Lauren McMeikan, LMFT discuss common obsessions and compulsions in Postpartum OCD. We discuss basic exposures used for this type of subtype and answer some questions.

Purely OCD: Moral Scrupulosity

Episode 10: Moral Scrupulosity

In this episode, Kelley and Lauren discuss Moral Scrupulosity OCD. They cover common obsessions, compulsions and exposures for this subtype. They answer your questions at the end as always. Lauren shares a tale – “Maybe, Maybe not” – and Kelley sinks a battleship. Please forgive the abrupt ending. Sometimes Instagram just doesn’t give a proper count down.

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Purely OCD: General Q&A

Episode 9: General Q&A

For OCD Awareness Week, Lauren and Kelley do a full episode answering your questions about OCD. They cover how to do ERP when artificial exposures don’t cause you distress and how to find joy while living with anxiety. They also discuss the navigating OCD that greets you first thing in the morning.

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Purely OCD: Religious Scrupulosity

Episode 8: Religious Scrupulosity

In this episode of Purely OCD, Lauren and Kelley talk about Religious Scrupulosity, covering common obsessions, compulsions and treatment approach of choice: Exposure and Response Prevention. And, as always, they spend a fair amount of time trying to bring humor to recovery by laughing at themselves.

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Purely OCD: Sexual Orientation OCD
Lauren McMeikan, LMFT, and Kelley Franke, LMFT, talk Sexual Orientation OCD.

Episode 7: Sexual Orientation OCD

In this episode, Kelley and Lauren cover Sexual Orientation OCD (SO-OCD), the subtype formerly known as Homosexual (HOCD). They review some of the common obsessions and compulsions in this theme and talk about what exposure and response prevention can look like for this subtype. As always, they answer your questions at the end.

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Purely OCD: Relationship OCD

Episode 6: Relationship OCD

This week Kelley and Lauren discuss Relationship OCD and the various ways it manifests in obsessions and compulsions. They also talk about what Exposure and Response Prevention might look like for those struggling with this theme. As always, they answer your questions.

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Purely OCD: Hit and Run OCD

Episode 5: Hit and Run OCD

In this episode, Kelley and Lauren talk Hit and Run OCD – a specific variant of Harm OCD. The discuss common obsessions and compulsions as well as effective, evidence-based treatment: Exposure and Response Prevention. Lauren and Kelley show off their awesome merch courtesy of Sean Shinnock & Draw Your Monster, The OCD Stories and Riley’s Wish Foundation. Kevin Foss, LMFT, brings some great humor to the conversation (laughter is key in recovery!)

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